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How much does it cost to register a NeoNS domain?

Pricing for registration of NeoNS domains are as follows:

  • 3 letter domain: ~200 GAS per year
  • 4 letter domain: ~70 GAS per year
  • 5+ letter domain: ~2 GAS per year

The registration prices for NeoNS domains may be adjusted by the Neo Council if the value of GAS varies significantly.

Is my NeoNS domain an NFT?

Yes, your NeoNS domain is a NEP-11 standard NFT on the Neo N3 blockchain.

What happens when my NeoNS domain expires?

Expired domains are immediately available for registration by other users.

An expired domain will still appear in your account, however you will not be able to perform any operations on this domain (including transferring, managing controllers, editing records, extending registration, etc).

The expired domain will remain in your account until such time as it is registered again, by you, or another user.

Who manages the NeoNS service?

NeoNS contracts are open source and community managed, under the stewardship of Neo Global Development. The NeoNS price structure is managed by the Neo Council, who is elected by the NEO token holders.

How do I use a NeoNS domain as an alias for my Neo address?

To set up your NeoNS domain as an alias for a Neo address, you must set a record as follows:

  • Host - @
  • Type - TEXT
  • Record value - The Neo address that you would like to alias.
Setting alias address

What wallets are compatible with NeoNS?

Any Neo N3 compatible wallet with NFT support will allow you to browse, send, and receive NeoNS domains.

To register and manage your NeoNS domains using this site, you can connect using NeoLine, O3, Neon, OneGate, or Vital.

Other features, such as sending and receiving tokens using a NeoNS alias, will be integrated by each wallet on its own timeline.

What is a domain controller?

A domain controller is an account that has been given permissions to manage the records of a domain.

The domain controller does not own the domain and cannot transfer it to another account.

What characters can I use in a NeoNS domain?

NeoNS domains can only contain the letters A through Z and the digits 0 to 9. Letters are not case sensitive and internationalized characters cannot be used.

Can I create subdomains on a domain that I own?

Yes, of course. You can create subdomains by adding a record and entering your desired sub-domain as Host.

For example, if you owned the NeoNS domain wallet.neo and wanted to create personal.wallet.neo, you would create a new record with personal as the Host.

You may also use the Host field to create additional subdomain levels.

For example, you could create savings.personal.wallet.neo or trading.personal.wallet.neo by adding savings.personal or trading.personal as your host.

Setting alias address

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